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December 16, 2008
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Kami-Kaze Hime V2 SDL by ComiPa Kami-Kaze Hime V2 SDL by ComiPa
Kami-Kaze Hime (Cami)

Age: 22 ( though she does prefer not to tell )
Birth: 13-11
Gender: Female
Likes: would do anything to have Kani-sushi, Cute little kids
Dis-Likes: Male Samurais
Occupation: Young Brothel Misstress

Extra Long Sleeved Kimono ( Main Wepaon )
Dual Steel Fans
Cursed Wakizashis Ivory(Ialina) and Ebony(Ellisa) ( she becomes blood thirsty when using this. )

Brief history:

Along with her two sisters, she was born to a position of privilege. She was a princess and a priestess of an influential clan that extended its hand in the courtly affairs of feudal Japan.Unfortunately, her generation saw her family fall into disfavor and through a series of political disasters, her clan fell prey to an alliance of rival clans and brigands. Even as the clan fell around her, her prayers to the Kami amounted to nothing. In the end, she and her sisters were taken into slavery... and she couldn't help but blame herself for her failure.

On the slaver ship, her sorrows were expounded by the violent suicide of her sisters, using wakizashis they had hidden on themselves. In the fray with the slaver guards, she was able to hide away the Wakizashi's , keeping them to herself as her mind buckles in the weight of the tragedies.

For years, she was virtually mute. She couldn't work The slavers couldn't sell her. All this changed with the help of a rich politician who, finding her beautiful, took her in to become his daughter. He began to rehabilitate her. She fed her and clothed her. She educated her and introduced her to high society. She repaid him by killing him and escaping with a large part of his fortune.

The wakizashis spoke to her. The politician was the head of one of the clans who destroyed her own many years ago. Under him, he kept many survivors of her clan as slaves. She killed him, say the wakizashis , because it was just.

With the fortune, she took on a new identity. Through frugal investments and unscrupulous businesses, she was able to save up to open a brothel. However, the wakizashis have not been silent since she killed the politician. They have called out to kill again and again, growing louder each time they slip a throat or stabbed a heart.

Collecting the vengeful remnants of her clan, she kept them to wait in the dim lights of her brothel. There, they work their dark motives- manipulating power brokers, black mailing politicians and murdering all those who slighted them in the past. Maybe then, her clan could be rebuilt from the ashes. Maybe then, her guilt might be expunged, silencing the wakizashis once and for all.

***important note***

The Wakizashis are as plain as any other sword... though the souls of her sisters are supposedly haunting the blades but it doesn't necessarily give her any special abilities of some sort... except for making her go crazy from "hearing", a mental thing, their bickering. She just can't let go of the tragedies her sisters went through.

OC for :iconroninsultramix:'s SDL

Thank you very much :iconomniskriba: for helping me out on the writing and piecing up her history. I :worship: your writing.

W - L - F 3 - 0 - 0

[link] <-----Old version
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